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QueenWorld.fr - Entretien Exclusif avec Peter Straker et jeu concours.

1 Mai 2020, 12:24pm

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QueenWorld.fr - Entretien Exclusif avec Peter Straker et jeu concours.

QueenWord à eu le privilège d’interviewer Peter Straker en raison de la sortie du coffret collector This One's On Me”regroupant ces trois meilleurs albums.

Peter Straker est un chanteur et acteur britannique, surtout connu pour ses apparitions dans Doctor Who (dans l’épisode   Destiny of the Daleks en 1979 ) et dans la série Connie en 1985 . Il avait également une relation professionnelle et personnelle de longue date avec le regretté Freddie Mercury.

1 - Introduce yourself in a few lines

 Greetings, my name is Peter Starker was born in Jamaica, grew up in London. I am actor and a  musician.

2 - Multifaceted artist, what is your news today?

 I don’t quite understand the question, but I am in lockdown in my London flat like most of the world and hope you are all safe!

 3 - What are your sources of inspiration?

 Sources of inspiration would  be in no particular order, Shakespeare –  Aprè - Jacques Brel – Bob Dylan – Led Zeppelin, The Who– Aretha Franklin – Maria Callis  – Piaf -  Tony Bennet and  so many more!

4 - you take out a collector's box gathering your most significant albums. Why did you wait so long ?

 Something I have always wanted to do and now seems to be the right time!

 5 - the fan community knows that you were a close friend of the late Freddie Mercury. This One's on Me, one of the albums in the box was produced by him. Talk to us about it.

 I thoroughly enjoyed working with both Freddie and Roy Thomas Baker, it was an exciting, collaborative, and experimental adventure. (one I hold very dear)

 6 - Did he participate in the development of the album?

 Yes he did, some of the songs  on the album I  had  already been performing  live. He also encouraged me to write my own songs.

 7 - Is it your vocal range (very lyrical) that brought you closer?

 Who knows it’s possible, I ‘d like to think so?

8 - How did you hear about Freddie Mercury?

 We met at a restaurant in Fulham Road through our mutual managers, we were introduced. The rest is history!

 9 - you participated in the vidéo clip The great pretender . Do you have any anecdotes?

 It was great, it was wonderful. I was rehearsing Cassius in a production of Julius Cesar at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre. Finished at 6pm drove to London, hair make – up, costumes. Filmed the video throughout the night and returned to Bristol for 10 am rehearsals. Exhausting! but what an experience?

10 - What do you bring to it professionally and humanely?

 I have an eclectic taste in music,  a passion I sing from my soul.

 11 - Do you have a rare anecdote about Freddie?

 He showed me his Fridge In New York packed with Crystal champagne, we drank a lot of it, lol!

 12 - What do you think of Brian May and Roger Taylor's journey with singer Adam Lambert.

 Am a great fan of Adam Lambert and heard him sing on American Idol his range is phenomenal, what a great collaboration.

13 - What is your favorite song from Queen and Freddie? And why ?

 “Who Wants to Live  Forever and Love of My life” and why, I like Queen’s material, am a fan!

 14 - Which song from your repertoire do you prefer? And why ?

 Heart Be Still.  I loved Lorraine Ellison’s version of this song and so did Freddie,  so we recorded it.

 15 - do you plan to release a new album?

 I hope so, later this year?

 16 - What can we wish you for the future?

 I hope people buy this box set that would make me happy! 


 17 - Finally, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing with Queenworld.fr your news and of course all these memories with Freddie Mercury.

 Thank you Louis and all the QueenWold Fan club – France  with love keep safe, Straker!

un concours est organisé pour gagner une copie signée du coffret "This One’s On Me". Pour participer, il vous suffit de répondre aux questions suivantes et de vous rendre sur notre page Facebook, de mettre un live . concours: https://m.facebook.com/PeterStraker1/w.facebook.com/PeterStraker1/ dans le cadre de votre participation au concours


Date de clôture finale le vendredi 8 mai 2020 et IMPORTANT, veuillez noter que votre participation au concours DOIT être partagée publiquement pour que vos réponses soient sélectionnées .toutes les participations doivent être envoyées à contest@PeterStraker.com





1: Qui a produit l'album (1978) Changeling?

2: Qui a réalisé la nouvelle vidéo actuelle du single Heart Be still 2020?

3: Nommez le single de l'album (1979) Real Natural Man?


Bonne chance à tous!

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