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Rock-My-World TV

30 Septembre 2013, 18:32pm

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Toutes les vidéos de votre site Rock-my-world.fr sont désormais disponibles à cette adresse :




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Documentaire "Sur les traces de Freddie Mercury"

30 Septembre 2013, 17:52pm

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Le 24 novembre 1991, Freddie Mercury, le légendaire chanteur de Queen nous quittait à l'âge de 45 ans. Véritable bête de scène et chanteur surdoué, il aura marqué l'histoire musicale au point de devenir une véritable légende. Dans ce reportage intitulé "Sur les traces de Freddie Mercury", le journaliste Brice Depasse est revenu sur la carrière du chanteur de Queen : son parcours, sa vie, ses succès, sa maladie,...          


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Queen - 50 things about the band.

27 Septembre 2013, 19:47pm

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Think you know Queen? Think again. Here's 50 facts on the band to amuse and astound everyone you know, starting with Brian May, who despite having played on the roof of Buckingham Palace admits: "I go through major crises every few months, but then I have great peaks of belief and creativity. I'm a weird kind of animal."

2-Freddie Mercury was actually born Farrokh Bulsara, although his passport has him down as 'Frederick Mercury'.

3-It was during his studies at St. Peter's School (a boarding school near Bombay) that Farrokh Bulsara first began calling himself 'Freddie'.

4-Freddie designed the Queen crest, using the astrological signs of the four members: two Leos, one Cancer and one Virgo. Despite this, Freddie claimed not to believe in astrology.

5-Freddie thought up the name Queen. He said: “It’s very regal obviously, and it sounds splendid. It’s a stromg name, very universal and immediate. It had a lot of visual potential and was open to all sorts of interpretations. I was certainly aware of the gay connotations, but that was just one facet of it.”

6-Brian’s guitar is over 200 years old. This is true, in a way. He and his Dad built it from scratch, using the wood from a 200-year-old mantelpiece.

7-The videos for ‘We Will Rock You’ and ‘Spread Your Wings’ were both shot in Roger’s backyard.

8-The song ‘Keep Yourself Alive’ was released as a single twice, in 1973 and 1975. It failed to make the top 40 both times.

9-The video for ‘I Want To Break Free’, which sees the band doing housework in drag, was Roger’s idea, and inspired by the women of Coronation Street.

10-Freddie wrote ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ while in the bath. Rumour has it that he had his piano moved to his bathside. Did the piano not get wet? Did his bathwater not get cold?

11-On its release, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ stayed at the top of the UK singles chart for nine weeks. It is the third best-selling British single of all time, beaten only by Band Aid’s ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’ and Elton John’s ‘Candle In The Wind’ 1997.

12-The loosely-connected duo of albums ‘A Night At The Opera’ and ‘A Day At The Races’ were both named after silent movies by The Marx Brothers. The follow-up, ‘News Of The World’, was named after Murdoch's ill-fated rag.

13-‘A Kind Of Magic’ was the last album that the band toured. It was Freddie’s decision not to tour. At the time, nobody really understood why.

14-Freddie Mercury died on November 24 1991, from Aids related pneumonia. He had only publicly announced he was suffering from Aids the day before.

15-According to the Guinness Book Of Records, the Official International Queen Fan Club is the longest running rock group fan club in the world.

16-The press was a source of tension for the band. As Freddie once remarked: “The others don’t like my interviews. And frankly, I don’t care much for theirs."

17-Brian May and Roger Taylor were playing in the band Smile alongside Tim Staffell. But Tim wasn’t so interested, so recommended his flatmate Farrokh Bulsara. Farrokh became known to the world as Freddie Mercury. Smile became known to the world as Queen.

18-Freddie: “Women are like modern paintings. You can’t enjoy them if you try to understand them.”

19-For the band’s 1975 world tour, each member wore costumes designed by fashion designer Zandra Rhodes.

20-In 1976, Queen played a free gig at Hyde Park, setting an attendance record with at least 150,000 people in the crowd.

21-According to Nick Weymouth (who runs the band's official website), Queen are one of the most bootlegged bands in history.

22-The band only released ‘Another One Bites The Dust’ as a single because Michael Jackson suggested they do so (after dropping by backstage at their LA show).

23-Queen's collaboration with David Bowie on 'Under Pressure' wasn't planned - Bowie just happened to be by the studio while Queen were recording the song.

24-In 2002, Queen were given the 2,207th star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

25-On the album sleeve for their debut release, the words 'No Synthesizers' were printed, to correct a common mistake people made.

26-Freddie had wanted to fix his overbite for quite some time, but feared the operation would damage his voice.

27-Back in 2006, Time Asia named Freddie Mercury as one of the most influential Asian heroes of the past 60 years.

28-Brian May has a PhD in astrophysics from Imperial College London. In 2007, he was appointed Chancellor of Liverpool John Moores University.

29-Some of the animated footage in their video for 'These Are The Days Of Our Lives' was created by animators for the Walt Disney Company.

30-Queen released a Christmas song in 1984 called 'Thank God It's Christmas' - and it spent six weeks on the Singles Chart, peaking at No. 21.

31-Mercury had a long-term relationship with Mary Austin. However, their relationship ended when he began having an affair with a male who worked at Elektra Records. Mercury and Austin remained close friends, though. He once said of her: "All my lovers asked me why they couldn't replace Mary [Austin], but it's simply impossible. The only friend I've got is Mary and I don't want anybody else."

32-Upon Paul McCartney’s request, Queen played the opening night of the Concert For The People Of Kampuchea in London in December 1979.

33-According to Cat Fancy magazine, at one point, Freddie Mercury owned as many as ten cats. His personal assistant Peter Freestone wrote that he "put as much importance on them [his cats] as any human life."

34-In fact, Freddie loved his cats so much that he would sometimes call home to talk to them while he was on tour. He also had paintings made of them.

35-'Bohemian Rhapsody'/'These Are the Days of Our Lives' was released as a single upon Mercury's death, and the initial proceeds from the single (nearly £1,000,000) were donated to the Terrence Higgins Trust (a charity relating to HIV/AIDS).

36-Queen drew a whopping crowd of 250,000 people to their Rock In Rio Festival in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil in January 1985.

37-On Queen's first album, John Deacon was credited as Deacon John. Apparently Roger and Freddie thought it sounded more interesting that way. Since Deacon was new to the band, he didn't question it - although for the band's second album, he was credited by his real name.

38-OK, who can name the four tracks that drummer Roger Taylor wrote? No? They were 'Radio Ga Ga', 'A Kind of Magic', 'The Invisible Man', and 'These Are the Days of Our Lives'.

39-Freddie Mercury required his assistants to have a pen and paper with them at all times in case he was inspired and needed to jot down some ideas.

40-The lyrics for Queen's song ‘Life Is Real’ began while the band were flying over the Atlantic from New York.

41-The line in 'Life Is Real' ("guilt stains on my pillow") originally began as "cunt stains", and then "cum stains" - but Mercury's personal assistant Peter Freestone steered him away from those.

42-In 1999, Roger Taylor could be seen in the background of a Royal Mail stamp featuring Freddie Mercury. This caused a stir, since the only living people meant to appear on British stamps are members of the Royal Family.

43-Roger Taylor's middle name is Meddows. Incidentally, he admitted he "hated the title of the second album, 'Queen II', it was so unimaginative."

44-In his will, Freddie Mercury is said to have left £500,000 to his chef Joe Fanelli, £500,000 to his personal assistant Peter Freestone and £100,000 to his driver Terry Giddings.

45-'Made In Heaven' was recorded at the end of Mercury's life. Brian May said of the recording process: "I think our plan was to go in there whenever Freddie felt well enough, just to make as much use of him as much as possible, we basically lived in the studio for a while and when he would call and say 'I can come in for a few hours', our plan was to just make as much use of him as we could."

46-John Deacon is also a trained electronics engineer, and he sometimes built equipment for the band to use - including the 'Deacy Amp'.

47-Instead of using a plectrum to play his guitar, Brian May uses a sixpence coin (one of which was sold on his 'Back To The Light' tour in 1970).

48-Freddie Mercury held the band's showmanship dear. He once declared: "A concert is not a live rendition of our album. It's a theatrical event."

49-According to Mercury's friend David Wigg, the star believed his stage image prevented him from keeping relationships. "I created a monster. I’m handicapped because people think I’m like that. When I’m trying to get a relationship together I’m the nicest person you could meet, my dear. I’m a peach," he told his friend.

50-Mercury didn’t think he was a very good pianist, and feared playing 'Bohemian Rhapsody' live.


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Lady Diana, Travestie par Freddie Mercury pour une soirée incognito

26 Septembre 2013, 08:10am

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Le chanteur du groupe britannique Queen Freddie Mercury a travesti la princesse Lady Diana en homme et l’a fait ensuite entrer incognito dans un bar gay bien connu à Londres, selon un épisode des mémoires de la comédienne Cleo Rocos publié par le Sunday Times.

Dans son livre «The Power of Positive Drinking» («le Pouvoir de la boisson positive» qui emprunte le titre d’une chanson de Lou Reed), la comédienne décrit comment dans les années 1980, elle, Freddie Mercury et le comédien Kenny Everett ont revêtu Diana d’une veste militaire, d’un bonnet et d’une paire de lunettes de soleil pour une soirée au Royal Vauxhall Tavern, dans le sud de Londres.          

«Quand nous sommes entrés... nous sentions qu’elle était évidemment la princesse Diana et qu’elle pouvait être reconnue à chaque instant. Mais les gens l’ont simplement ignorée. Elle semblait avoir disparu. Elle a adoré ça», a déclaré Cleo Rocos.          

Dans le bar, la comédienne btitannique n’a jamais su si Diana a été perçue, compte tenu de son apparence, comme un mannequin masculin mais «elle ressemblait à un magnifique jeune homme», a-t-elle ajouté. La présence de Mercury, Everett et Rocos a détourné l’attention des fêtards et Diana a été en mesure de commander des boissons sans être reconnue, se souvient Cleo Rocos.


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Les cinq titres emblématiques de la carrière de Queen.

25 Septembre 2013, 16:51pm

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"Here we are, born to be kings" chantait Freddie Mercury, entouré de ses comparses en 1986. Le titre Princes Of The Universe a ensuite été utilisé dans les années 90 comme musique du générique d'Highlander, le film et la série. Les membres de Queen étaient des rois. Des rois du rock qui ont révolutionné la musique depuis les années 70. Et aujourd'hui encore, leur succès ne le dément pas.
Rock-My-World.fr vous propose de revenir sur cinq titres emblématiques de la carrière de Queen.
1. Bohemian Rhapsody
Le tube phare du groupe, Bohemian Rhapsody, est dévoilé en 1975. Extrait du troisième album du groupe, la chanson présente une construction originale dans l'univers musical des années 70. C'est un opéra-rock avec des ruptures de rythmes très marquées. Peu après la mort de Freddie Mercury, le titre est repris en face B de These Are the Days of Our Lives.
2. Don't Stop Me Now
Le titre, extrait de l'album Jazz (1978), utilise à nouveau les changements de rythme. Les paroles n'hésitent pas à jouer la carte de la provocation, en parlant de sexe de manière très explicite: "Je suis une machine sexuelle, prête à se recharger comme une bombe atomique tout près d'exploser..."
3. Another One Bites The Dust
Une ligne de basses fonde la base de la chanson. Et Queen y abandonne les solos de guitare si caractéristiques à sa musique. Another One Bites The Dust (dans The Game en 1980) marque un tournant dans la carrière du groupe: de nouvelles inspirations électroniques symbolisées par l'emploi du synthé.
4. I Want To Break Free
C'est le tube de l'album The Works, en 1984, avec une longue introduction au synthé. Lorsqu'il a été dévoilé à la télévision, le clip, parodie du feuilleton Coronation Street a suscité la polémique, notamment aux Etats-Unis où il a été interdit de diffusion. Dans la première partie, les membres du groupe, travestis, évoluent dans une petite maison britannique.
5. The Show Must Go On
The Show Must Go On dans Innuendo (1991) marquera les esprits. Les paroles de la chanson, très vibrantes, annoncent le décès du chanteur. A la manière d'un testament, Freddie Mercury y clame: "le spectacle doit continuer". C'est un bijou musical construit en crescendo et accompagné d'une batterie qui prend aux tripes.

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Daniel Radcliffe en Freddie Mercury ?

24 Septembre 2013, 17:39pm

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Réactualisation du 23 septembre 2013 :

L'acteur a démenti la rumeur de manière amusante lors d'un podcast auprès d'Empire : « Tous ceux qui pensent que je ne suis pas la bonne personne pour incarner Freddie Mercury ont raison. Je ne suis PAS un bon choix pour un tel rôle. »

La star d'Harry Potter en leader de Queen, cela vous semble une bonne idée ? Ne nous affolons pas, ce biopic n'en est qu'au stade de la discussion (il n'a même pas encore de titre !). Stephen Frears était un temps intéressé par sa mis en scène, puis Tom Hooper, le metteur en scène des Misérables, mais depuis cette annonce, plus de nouvelles. On sait seulement que le scénario a été écrit par Peter Morgan(The Queen, Rush) et qu'il relatera la jeunesse du chanteur, la formation du groupe au début des années 1970 puis leurs premiers succès, jusqu'à leur performance mémorable lors du Live Aid de 1985.



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Daniel Raddclife pressenti pour incarner Freddie Mercury!!!!!

23 Septembre 2013, 20:25pm

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Le sorcier de Poudlard, qui en a fini avec la saga, va revenir au cinéma où il a été pressenti pour incarner Freddie Mercury dans un biopic retraçant l'histoire du chanteur de Queen.

Sacha Baron Cohen alias Le Dictateur était initialement prévu pour jouer Freddie Mercury au cinéma … Mais l'acteur aurait finalement décidé, cet été, de ne pas incarner le chanteur de Queen après avoir rencontré des différends, quant au script, avec Brian May et Roger Taylor, les membres, encore vivants, du célèbre groupe de rock.

Les producteurs du film, eux, ont donc immédiatement pensé à Daniel Raddclife , comme le révèle une source qui s'est confiée au DailyStar : "Le rôle est à lui s'il le veut. Il est plus proche (physiquement) de Freddie que Sacha qui, lui, est beaucoup plus grand. Daniel est vraiment capable de chanter aussi." On apprend donc qu'Harry Potter a des talents vocaux ... Et ça tombe bien puisqu'il a récemment avoué qu'il ne maniera plus la baguette dans l'emblématique saga qui l'a fait connaitre. Pour le moment, le principal intéressé n'a toujours pas répondu à cette proposition mais on a hâte de savoir s'il va prendre le micro et faire le show.

Et vous … Que pensez-vous de Daniel Radcliffe incarnant Freddie Mercury ? WTF!!!!!!!!!!!


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Queen Unseen: My Life with the Greatest Rock Band of the 20th Century

23 Septembre 2013, 17:58pm

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Imagine being alongside one of the greatest bands in the history of rock, touring the world and being there as they perform at some of the best and biggest music venues in the world. Peter Hince didn't have to imagine: for more than a decade, he lived a life that other people can only dream of as he worked with Queen as head of their road crew. In 1973, Queen was the support act for Mott the Hoople, for whom Peter was a roadie. Back then, Queen had to content themselves with being second on the bill and the world had not yet woken up to the flamboyant talent of Freddie Mercury. Peter started working full time for Queen just as they were making A Night at the Opera, the album which catapulted them to international stardom. In this intimate and affectionate book, Peter recalls the highlights of his years with the band. He was with Freddie when he composed 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love'; he was responsible for making sure that Freddie's stage performances went without a hitch - and was often there to witness his famed tantrums! He was also party to the sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll which are invariably part of life on the road with a rock band. Many books have been written about Queen and Freddie Mercury but this is the first real insider's story. Packed with the author's own exclusive photographs, this warm and witty book will entertain and inform. It is a must-read for any music fan.



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La fausse(mauvaise) nouvelle du décès de John Deacon.

23 Septembre 2013, 14:01pm

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La fausse nouvelle du décès de John Deacon, dimanche après-midi sur Twitter a provoqué un emballement médiatique. Mais pas de panique, le bassiste est bien vivant.

Depuis hier, une rumeur lancée sur Twitter, concernant la mort de John Deacon, enflamme le réseau social.

Tout est parti du message : « John Deacon vient de nous quitter. RIP. », publié sur le site Twitter dimanche 22 septembre vers 13h30. La rumeur se propage comme une traînée de poudre. Nouveau tweet une heure plus tard : « Décès de John Deacon, les proches du musicien confirment ».

L'entourage aurait « démenti formellement » la mort du musicien

La fausse information est ensuite reprise par quelques radios britanniques puis par des médias du monde entier. Ce n'est que tard dans la soirée de dimanche que le porte-parole du musicien se serait fendu d'un communiqué laconique qui « dément formellement le décès de John Deacon ».

Les fans sont rassurés.

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Top 10 John Deacon Queen Songs

23 Septembre 2013, 13:41pm

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john deacon



Queen are one of the few classic-rock bands in which all four members individually participated in the songwriting process. Even though bassist John Deacon set himself apart as the group’s least visible and vocal participant (literally — he’s the only one who did not sing), this most private of rock stars was responsible for composing some of Queen’s biggest global hits. Just read on and you may find yourself amazed, as we delve into the Top 10 John Deacon Queen Songs.

1-Another One Bites the Dust

From 'The Game' (1980)

2-You’re My Best Friend

From 'A Night at the Opera' (1975)

3-You and I

From: 'A Day at the Races' (1976)

4-I Want to Break Free

From: 'The Works' (1984)

5-Spread Your Wings

From: 'News of the World' (1977)

6-One Year of Love

From: 'A Kind of Magic' (1986)


From: 'Sheer Heart Attack' (1974)

8-Need Your Loving Tonight

From: The Game (1980)

9-Who Needs You

From: 'News of the World' (1977)

10-In Only Seven Days

From: Jazz (1978)


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