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Top 10 John Deacon Queen Songs

23 Septembre 2013, 13:41pm

Publié par ANTHEVA

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Queen are one of the few classic-rock bands in which all four members individually participated in the songwriting process. Even though bassist John Deacon set himself apart as the group’s least visible and vocal participant (literally — he’s the only one who did not sing), this most private of rock stars was responsible for composing some of Queen’s biggest global hits. Just read on and you may find yourself amazed, as we delve into the Top 10 John Deacon Queen Songs.

1-Another One Bites the Dust

From 'The Game' (1980)

2-You’re My Best Friend

From 'A Night at the Opera' (1975)

3-You and I

From: 'A Day at the Races' (1976)

4-I Want to Break Free

From: 'The Works' (1984)

5-Spread Your Wings

From: 'News of the World' (1977)

6-One Year of Love

From: 'A Kind of Magic' (1986)


From: 'Sheer Heart Attack' (1974)

8-Need Your Loving Tonight

From: The Game (1980)

9-Who Needs You

From: 'News of the World' (1977)

10-In Only Seven Days

From: Jazz (1978)


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